Welcome to Art Atelier Lion

Do you admire paintings in Galleries?

Are you dreaming to have a real talent in next life?

You were born talented in this life! We show you!

'I really believe that if you

practice enough you could paint

the 'Mona Lisa' with a two-inch brush.'

Bob Ross
(The Joy of Painting)


We organize weekend workshops designed for beginners, whose would like to get insight into art of oil paintings scenery.

You experience technique called “Wet-on-Wet” also “Alla-Prima” (means “On the first Attempt”) applied primarily in oil paintings.

Worldwide known American artist Bob Ross (Norman Robert Ross) is a legend who used right this technique.

During the workshop you are guided step by step by Michaela Slapakova, CRI ® Bob Ross Teacher. You just follow instructions and paint your own scenery.

You can keep your painting and you also get certificate of attendance.